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Funke.Architects, founded in 2004, is a collaborative enterprise providing full services in architecture, master planning and interior design. The intention is to offer a gamut of capabilities (ensuring the continuity of the design process from concept to construction and) enabling the comprehensive (unilateral) control of the quality of our built product.

The practice is propelled by an approach to design that is (predicated on responsiveness) responsive to the specifics of context and function and thus precludes any preconceived style. (The office operates under the notion that design draws strength from an integration of disciplines and knowledge bases which inform the process at different levels.) The result is a portfolio of work that is diverse both formally and conceptually.

Funke.Architects draws on an extensive range of architectural and construction experience spanning many project types and scales. The practice is young and vehement in its pursuit of formulating and executing innovative design solutions.

Architecture is about the place, its surroundings and the people that use it. Without the user there is no architecture
My experiences in architecture have led to a diverse range of building type. My resume includes architectural building types ranging from large scale commercial, retail and public to small scale residential. Funke Architects prides itself on the personal relationship we have with our clients. Our design philosophy is an innovative approach involving modern techniques + innovations in construction that we use from concept through construction completion and beyond.